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  • Partnerships between community and businesses can be win-win for both sides. Communities can benefit through creative solutions to local social issues. Businesses can benefit by building upon their credentials as good corporate citizens.

Working in partnership
There are many different types of partnerships, and many different reasons that you might want to develop them. Some partners will help you generate ideas, or develop content; others will help you to design your engagement activity; some will be able to share their skills and knowledge to ensure your activity is a success and others may be prepared to put resources into the activity. Partners can also help you develop relationships with different audiences.

You won't have to look too far to find relevant people to work with – colleagues in your own department, those in other areas of your institution eg your widening participation, outreach, engagement, marketing or volunteering teams, community organisations, schools, museums, libraries, science centres, local councils and arts venues – there are lots of people who might want to work with you. However before you get started it is important to think through why you want to work in partnership – and why your partners might want to work with you.

What makes a successful partnership?

There needs to be a win-win and both parties need to feel they are signed up to mutual benefits. Both parties need to be clear about what they want to get out of the partnership - there has to be honest discussions early on about what you are seeking to achieve and what the common measures are for the impact you want to have.


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