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  Our division's main goal is to make the society affluent by developing new industries with Robotic convergence. The promising outcomes of the Convergence Industries R&D Division are directly contributing to both creating new industries and convergence of Robotic based industries. It is our goal to develop new leading trends through commercializing cost effective products and therefore, enriching human life by incorporating IT technologies in construction, Robotics, medicine, automobiles and energy industries.

Industrial robots

  The research is motivated by the challenge to keep or improve the robot performance while there is a continuously ongoing product cost reduction. The cost reduction results in more compliant robot structures with lower eigenfrequencies, higher friction, more nonlinear behavior, larger backlash, more complex vibration modes, and larger dynamic parameter variations between otherwise identical robots. The model-based control used today must therefore be further refined, for example to make it possible to adapt model parameters to the robot individuals and to take care of more complex robot dynamics. Improved diagnosis is also very important in order to be able to plan maintenance without disturbing the production. Accurate robot models are also needed for reliable diagnosis and the problems with increasing model complexity and larger model variations must be handled in the diagnosis case as well. Additional sensors will open up for improved tracking accuracy but also for more precise diagnosis functions.  




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