In this system, all consumption and performance of electrical appliances are evaluated and controlled in a completely intelligent and automated manner. Accordingly, both the consumption of each device and the Environmental conditions are also analyzed, which are different according to different devices. I will demonstrate this concept with an example. If you turn on the light in a room, the lamplight is regulated by sensors installed in the room. To be more specific, the sensors calculate the lux ambient light, subsequently reducing the light intensity of the lamp as much as possible. In addition, if a person leaves the room and does not need system light, it will automatically turn off the lamp by analysis.

Surprisingly, this system can be employed for all electrical appliances. For instant, if you forget to unplug the car using the installed sensors and cameras, the power will automatically turn off after a while. The critically important part of this system is the overall intelligent consumption control. Indeed, the system can control and optimize your consumption in a specific time period (1 month or a bill payment period).


Here is a compelling example of this. These days, using the first phase of this intelligent system, your electricity consumption is one hundred euros. You have decided to reduce it to eighty euros for the next period to save money and energy. The system applies all factors to minimize the payment fees you want, like all consumables and intelligent control. It must obviously be all devices must be controlled to reduce your costs. Sometimes it is necessary for special occasions (for example, you have guests and want the room to be brighter than before) to try to get the devices out of the ideal state for optimal consumption. This matter is easily possible, and the system adjusts the overconsumption for the rest of the consumption period.

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First Example

Simulation by Altium Software


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Sensors Used


System benefits:

• Automatic control of turning on and off electrical appliances

• Automatic adjustment of brightness

• Intelligent control of electrical appliances consumption

• Ability to create maximum consumption

• Prevent wasted energy with automatic smartening

• Intelligent calculation and forecast of future consumption





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The plan is used to control and optimize the

Consumption of the following:

• Educational Institutes

• Residential Buildings

• Cultural Institutions

• Offices

• Theaters

• Road/Park Lights

Online Data analysis

In this section, the system makes an initial decision according to the sensor data.

• Greenhouses

• Workshops

• Restaurants

• Coffee Shops

• Gyms

• Stadiums

Analysis of past data

the system reviews the past data or samples, considering the current situation.

• Commercial Buildings

• Conference Halls

• Hotels

• Movie Theaters

• Factories

• Shops

Final Data Analysis

The purpose of artificial intelligence is the individual requests automatic optimization of consumption and thus intelligent control.


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