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  • We are a R&D group, who like to share and develop our knowledge and skills. We have master’s degrees in electronics, mechatronics and mechanical engineering. A great part of our work is related to Robotic systems and it is about more than a decade that we are Working as a team in this field and have had specialized activities including acquiring top ranks in Robotic, Artificial Intelligence and Khwarizmi (surgeon robot) competitions; executive experiences (Head and deputy head of the competitions); scientific experiences (chair of the scientific committee and technical officer); and experiences as referee in the robotic competitions in different fields and different universities. We have also more than 15 inventions patented about robotics.
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Mojtaba Farzaneh


Masoome Fatahi


Afra Vahidi Shams


Armin Parsian Nezhad


Mohammad Moslemi


HamidReza Khezri

Inteligent Robot

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