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First of all, Let us introduce ourselves to you:
We are a R&D group with 2 members who like to share and develop our knowledge and skills. We have master's degrees in electronics and mechatronics engineering. A great part of our work is related to Robotic systems and it is about more than a decade that we are Working as a team in this field and have had specialized activities including acquiring top ranks in Robotic, Artificial Intelligence and Khwarizmi (surgeon robot) competitions; executive experiences (Head and deputy head of the competitions); scientific experiences (chair of the scientific committee and technical officer); and experiences as referee in the robotic competitions in different fields and different universities. We have also more than 15 inventions patented about robotics.
(See may find a file which presents detailed data about our experiences and also the C.V.s of the group members).


If you have, or plan to organize a robotics competition, you can contact us to find out all about training and support. Our robotic referees with strong background and high experience are available to collaboration in various type of robotics leagues.

Email: [email protected]

Tell: +98-912-733-6166

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