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Sound Processing.

Image Processing.

Electronic and Robotic


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Phone:+1 606 930 9740 ........    Mail: mfarzan2004@gmail.com

My Resume

Objective: Pursuing graduate studies in Electronic (Robotic) engineering as a PhD student in a leading university and working in engineering research environments. Education - M.Sc. Electronic Engineering, Hakim Sabzevary University of Sabzevar, Sabzevar, Iran. Thesis Title: "Flexible Capacitive Tactile sensors, Design and Implementation.

Technical Skills Proficient in Delphi, MATLAB, Code vision AVR, Altium Designer Summer( PROTEL), Advanced Design System, Dreamweaver, Visual Basic, php coding, Computer-Aided Analysis and Design .

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  • Delphi

    Pascal, Image&Sound Processing
  • Microcontroller

    AVR, PIC, C++ ,BASIC

    Code, m file
  • PHP

    MVC frrameworks

    Study, Design, Project

Some things about me

My Name is Mojtaba Farzaneh. I got my Masters in Electronics from Hakim Sabzevari University (Ministry of Science, Research and Technology). I have more than 8 Patents and Software and the Dominant Visual Programming Computers and Robotic, Electronics Analog and Digital Circuits and also Programming the Microcontroller.I have many projects in the fields of Robotic, Electronics and Medicine, some of which is in Resume. My other projects include Audio Signal Processing Projects and Musical Fountain, Image Processing and Medical Image Processing. I have a strong theoretical background and would like to continue this trend.

International Division Manager Of IRSALAB Company : www.irsalab.com

Mojtaba Farzaneh

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